Our Services

Every aspect from riding lessons, training, sales and equine readiness is addressed for optimum performance. Success In Saddles, aka S.I.S. offers a wide range of services designed to get both horse and rider in and out of the competition ring in top order. S.I.S. uses a 360 degree approach focusing on rider and horse preparation for those interested in a hands on experience. We offer many tools for both the horse and the rider that have been field tested by the most successful equestrians in the industry and from multiple disciplines and breeds. Bring us a challenge and we will work together to find a solution. Clients have access to a networking support system and equestrian skill development program that focuses on personal and strategic accomplishments. We use a holistic approach to promote discovery and awareness by emphasizing the individual nuances of each show horse breed, their owners, professionals and respective associations. The S.I.S. program is used by many of the nation’s leading trainers and instructors to put that razor sharp edge on their horses and riders.

The Competitive Equine Rehab and Support Center, aka (TCE) the sister business, offers to their clients state of the art therapeutic modalities such as Magna Wave PEMF therapy, RevitaVet Infrared Light therapy, Soft Ride Spa Boots and Ice Vibe Ice and vibration therapy boots. Bobbie Hughes, TCE business partner and resident equine massage therapist is on board to give a healing massage to both horses and humans.

Ellen, Hannah and Bobbie believe in continuing education and are dedicated to learning the latest techniques for human and horse care. Ellen is certified in Strength and Conditioning by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Bobbie is a certified massage therapist. Hannah, Ellen and Bobbie are certified Magna Wave practitioners for horse, humans and small animals.

Every aspect from riding lessons, training, sales and equine readiness is addressed for optimum performance.

Show Team Services

Including: Grooming, Clipping, Tacking, Show Prep, and Aisle cleaning.

On-Location Coaching Services

Including: Private Lessons, Coaching Per Class, and Class Video Review.

Total Rider Show Prep

Including: Walking a Pattern, Makeup, Hair, Number, Pant and Coat Prep, and Class Strategy Training Sessions.

Additional Services Offered

Including: Coaching, Walk Workouts, Lessons at Shows, Rider Preparation Assistance, Horse Preparation Assistance, and Equine Purchase Scouting Services.

Prices are based on the number of client horses the trainer takes to the show, and can be contracted individually or for a particular show. Services may be bundled for the consigning stable.


The Success In Saddles team will work closely with you to evaluate your current process and assess any issues or concerns you might have both professionally and systematically. We interview your personnel and work alongside them to survey each job requirement, to better understand your specific goals and how we can help you reach them. Our system focuses on developing programs that approach each problem from several angles, with special attention paid to team organization and collaboration, and refinement of operating procedures to promote greater efficiency.

Ellen Beard’s Success In Saddles has the skills and know-how to take your equine program to the next level. Contact Us today for more information.