Why treat the whole horse when the problem is in one area?

By increasing the blood oxygen in the whole body the sensitive area continues to be helped as super oxygenated blood from the rest of the body continues to flow through the area.

Is it the same as other magnetic therapy blankets and boots?

While the therapy is similar the difference is in the delivery method and power. The higher power of Magna Wave provides shorter treatment times and immediate results.

What actually happens during a treatment?

The blood oxygen is increased, lymphatic system is activated and acupuncture points are stimulated. This process reduces pain and inflammation and promotes healing.

How long will the results last?

Results can last a day or weeks depending on the problem. In a show situation one or two treatments per week is normally sufficient.

How does it show areas are sensitive?

Muscle tissue palpitates in sensitive areas because of super oxygenation and molecule movement in the cells.

How long does a treatment take?

Normal treatment time is 20 to 30 minutes.

When will results of treatment be seen or felt?

Results are immediate with continued improvement over time with additional treatments.

When can the horse be worked after treatment?

Immediately, there is no recovery time.

Can it be used pre-event?

Yes, but at the trainer’s discretion. However, we recommend that you try it on the horse ahead of time, since different horses react differently to treatment. We have found that some horses are more relaxed after the therapy, so might not have the same edge before a race. Other horses are not affected in that way. So try it on your horse before a breezing to measure its performance and decide for yourself.

Is PEMF Approved by the FDA?

While that’s not a measure of its effectiveness, PEMF is actually approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression. Beyond the FDA, there are other mainstream uses for PEMF. Our own space agency, NASA, received a U.S.patent for the application of PEMF on enhancing tissue repair in animals. The research found that PEMF stimulates the growth of the fiercely researched stem cells.

How long has Magna Wave been used or been available?

PEMF technology has existed for hundreds of years, dating back to somewhat primitive civilizations, and has been used for a variety of purposes, including seed germination. Magna Wave was founded in 2002, and has been providing an avenue for wellness in both humans and animals ever since, using only top-of-the-line equipment and thorough certification training.

Do you offer horse training and riding lessons?

Yes, we offer both.

How long are the riding lessons? What is covered during my lesson experience? Can I ride at any time?

Lessons are scheduled at half hour intervals and are under instructor supervision. Students are encouraged to spend extra time at the stable for comradery as well as for learning. Teaching moments happen all of the time.

Lesson plans vary by level of ability and rider goals. We encourage and expect our students to learn all aspects of horsemanship including stall cleaning, general stable management and horse care. An authentic equestrian is well rounded.

What disciplines do you work with?

Saddle seat or balanced seat as it is sometimes called and light horse driving are our primary disciplines. We are proficient in show type western, roadster, side saddle, hunt seat and basic dressage. We teach from a classical balanced seat approach. Jumping is not offered at our location and we will be happy to recommend someone in the area.

What Breeds are you most comfortable training for show?

American Saddlebred, Morgan, Arabian, Hackney, Standardbred Road horses. We do work with other breeds on a case by case basis.

Can I learn to compete?

The Success In Saddles lesson program is based on the teaching pyramid which emphasizes competent basic skills development instilling classical techniques on riders or drivers and the foundation to compete at any level. We encourage participation in the appropriate level of competition as it a rewarding and fun measurement of your journey with a horse.

What are the facilities like?

Hollybrook Farm is located on 48 acres of rolling land in Piedmont area of North Carolina. Twenty 12×12 stalls are housed in a Morton barn with an enclosed 50×50 round pen. There is a 200×70 outdoor arena with all-weather footing. A lovely lounge for clients is available for socializing. Out the front door of the barn is a pond with a fountain creating the most peaceful sound.

How often are horses exercised in the training program?

Each horse is unique and our program is designed for daily interaction with a consistent exercise program designed for specific goals. Typically, horses are exercised six days a week. We offer controlled turnout, riding, lunging, long lining, jogging and round pen work.

Does S.I.S. sell horses?

Yes, we do. Once we determine your goals and the level of horse which best suits your needs we can assist you in locating your new horse and will guide you through the purchase process.

Where can I get more information of the Iron Wear Equestrian Training Gear?

Contact us either through this site or by phone or email. Visit out YouTube Channel to see the gear in action.

Will you assist the amateur owner with horse training?

We love working with the AOT. Our style of training and teaching fits the needs of the amateur owner trainer very well.

Is there a price list on this site for your services?

Our training, clinic and riding instruction pricing is competitive to the region. Ironwear Equestrian Gear prices are based on individual sizes and quantity. Therapy prices vary from modality, on or off site and frequency of application. Please contact us for specific quotes.

Why and how are equestrian sports different than traditional sports?

The partnership with a horse is like no other. Horses reflect your instincts and mirror the way you handle yourself. Participation as a equine athlete instills respect, responsibility and empathy. Adults as well as children love the opportunity to unwind after a stressful day and to enjoy the nuzzle of the muzzle. Horse sports promote athleticism and intuition like no other. Riding or driving a horse requires physical fitness, timing, balance, attentiveness, and incredible observation skills. The reward comes in so many forms from knowing you are spending time with a magnificent creature to making lifelong friends. People who love horses and know they can ride or drive a horse with a degree of proficiency share a commonality that transcends boundaries often imposed by other sports.

PEMF Therapy

PEMF for pain therapy treats many musculoskeletal disorders that are a source of pain. These include arthritis, tendinitis, sprains & strains, fractures, post-op pain, osteoporosis, wounds, neuralgias, neuropathies, hip disorders, muscle spasms, spinal cord injury, trauma, burns, neuromas, heel spurs, phantom pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, tennis elbow, complex regional pain syndrome, etc.

Magna Wave PEMF for pain therapy is an effective & cost efficient option for a wide range of human & veterinary disorders.