Magna Wave PEMF Benefits for Depression

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Magna Wave PEMF Benefits for Depression

Recently, Magna Wave Vice President Alane Paulley conducted a Women’s Wellness Webinar discussion about Magna Wave PEMF benefits for depression. Specifically, she spoke on her own experience with postpartum depression but also depression of all types.

The World Health Organization recently reported that 350 million people around the world suffer with depression, and there’s a 20% lifespan rate in the United States. Depression is also the leading cause of disability in developed countries.

Alane, a mother of three, suffered from postpartum depression herself, and understands how badly it can affect daily life as a whole, from your family to work. There are many different forms of depression, such as postpartum. There’s also a large population of functionally depressed people. Functional depression is where you’re going through your day to day life, maybe everybody doesn’t see it, but when you get home you know you feel it. Your thoughts aren’t happy, it may affect sleep, and physical well-being.

Less Medication Use with PEMF Benefits for Depression

Ms. Paulley noted there weren’t many options for her postpartum depression. Medications could take four to six weeks to work, and she was nursing. She wasn’t comfortable with the idea of taking medication while breastfeeding. So, she started to exercise, eat better, take walks outside, then she added Magna Wave PEMF to her routine. After a 20-minute treatment, about six weeks after both her first and second child, she felt better.

With her third child, she began treating her body after her c-section from the time she was home from the hospital. She treated her surgery cite, but also her head. She did not experience postpartum depression with this child.

Mrs. Paulley shared her testimonial in hopes that people will realize there are other options available for depression. She is not a doctor and stresses that you should keep your doctor informed as you treat yourself. She reports that after sharing her testimony there are other people reporting PEMF benefits for depression in their lives.

What is the Protocol to Achieve PEMF Benefits for Depression?

The biggest question Alane gets is, “How do I treat it?” Many times practitioners and clients want an exact protocol for PEMF benefits for depression. Is it ten minutes on this side and ten on that? Do I apply treatment to the head, the chest or the back? The answer for everyone is different.

Generally speaking, Alane recommends starting on a low setting and place the loop or Zoom paddle on one side of the head for ten minutes then on the other for an additional ten. She also treats her entire body on a regular basis because depression can manifest with aches and pains, insomnia and other ways. PEMF benefits for depression can be achieved using all of these methods.

Using Magna Wave While Nursing

Alane notes that you can use Magna Wave while nursing. All Magna Wave does is oxygenate the blood. Magna Wave PEMF therapy is non-invasive and drug-free.

Ms. Paulley also noted two additional benefits of Magna Wave PEMF therapy while nursing:

  • It can help clear up mastitis
  • If you place the loop or paddle over the breast it may help increase milk supply

How Does Magna Wave PEMF Benefit Depression?

Harvard conducted a double-blind sham study utilizing PEMF to treat depression. They found that besides the oxygenation of the blood, PEMF helps with the glucose metabolism of regions of the brain involved in depression and anxiety. These regional changes have been mapped in the brain extensively by neuroscientists and found, by neurofeedback, to change even with very low signals. What it is doing is changing the feedback from the brain and metabolism regions of the brain. PEMF stimulation affects the electrical activity of neurons that then change the neuronal network that changes the area of the brain that controls mood. PEMF therapy also helps with sleeping and physical changes that affect depression as well.

Important Things to Note

There are a few things to note when treating someone with PEMF for depression.

  1. Keep in mind that, at first, you may experience a few more aches and pains. Many times, people think the treatments aren’t working and they’re actually getting worse, but what’s actually happening is they’re going through a detoxification. It’s important to always drink lots of water before and after treatments to help flush out the system.
  2. If you are being treated for depression and taking medication, do not cut your medication. Work with your doctor throughout the entire process. Talk to them about what you’re doing. Your doctor will reduce your medication when you both think the time is correct.
  3. Diet and exercise are huge contributors to mental health.
  4. It’s not a one and done type of thing. You’re not going to treat one time and be cured. You may feel better, but it’s not going away. If you’re doing Magna Wave PEMF to benefit your depression, try to treat as much as you can the first couple weeks. Once a day or twice a week is great.

Another Success Story Using PEMF Benefits for Depression

Magna Wave has a client who, when she first came to us her depression, was extremely severe. She’d already undergone ECT convulsive therapy, TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), ketamine treatments and was taking somewhere between eight to ten medications and had even attempted suicide. After two weeks of Magna Wave PEMF treatments, she wanted to quit.

But Alane convinced her to finish out the month.

She came every day and by the end of the month she was smiling, happy, and she had hope. She sat down with Alane and started to cry. “I’ve never felt this good,” she said. She now owns her own Magna Wave PEMF machine and treats herself.

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