Every horse trainer or riding instructor wishes for more hours in the day, more hands, another set of eyes, a real pro who can help them without threatening them.

A common mantra among these professionals is “Call Ellen.” Veteran horsewoman Ellen Beard, and her Success In Saddles program, is at the forefront of a new trend in the show horse world the equestrian sharpshooter.

“In the highly competitive business of showing horses, it’s hard for trainers to find a trustworthy colleague with whom we can collaborate without worrying about losing a client,” said Kellie Wendling Budd of Select Show Horses in Sheridan, IN. “Ellen is like the fairy Godmother who pops in with those sharp, seasoned eyes of hers peeled to my riders and horses, and she shows me things that I might miss because I see them all the time. She can sharpen a rider’s timing like no one I’ve ever seen. She comes for a weekend, or joins us at a show for a few days. And then, poof, she’s gone again, leaving me with great ideas, happy clients and a fresh perspective.”

Through intensive instruction, clinics, and continuing education, clients have access to a networking support system and equestrian skill development program that focuses on personal and strategic accomplishments. We use a holistic approach to promote discovery and awareness by emphasizing the individual nuances of each show horse breed, their owners, professionals and respective associations. The S.I.S. program is used by many of the nation’s leading trainers and instructors to put that razor sharp edge on their horses and riders. Book a custom camp or clinic at your facility or farm today!

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Our business is designed to support the equine professional with services to make the work day a little easier. We offer many tools for both the horse and rider that have been field tested by the most successful equestrians in the industry and from multiple disciplines and breeds. Bring us a challenge and we will work together to find a solution.